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Wing Girl Secrets – How to Bring Out Her the Wild Side –

Wing Girl Secrets – How to Bring Out Her the Wild Side -CLICK IMAGE TO VISIT SITEYou’ll Uncover Subtle Yet POWERFUL Little ‘Secrets’ On How To Instantly Charm ANY Girl & Get Her *Smitten* Crazy… Spellbound To Give Herself ENTIRELY To YOUR Every Whim & Desire… From Us Women!

My name is Marni, you might know me from the dozens of appearances I’ve made on FOX, ABC News, David DeAngelo’s Mastery Series, Elle Magazine, Men’s Edge Magazine, AOL Personals, LA Times, Kevin & Bean, NPR, Huffington Post or heard me on numerous interviews with many of the world’s top dating & relationship experts. Many consider me to be *the* leading "female voice" in the Dating and Seduction Communities.

And as someone who has spent the last 7+ years of her life researching women and figuring exactly what they want in a man, I can tell you 3 things I know about women that are totally true:

Whether your goal is to have a life filled to the brim with endless streams of beautiful women, to have one- night-stands, many one-night-stands (or just to get that one, awesome girl) you’ve always wanted, the steps to seduction always remain the same… and that’s to understand a woman… deep into her very CORE. You’ll have to understand exactly what’s going on in her mind and how to really get deep into her skin, spark those tingly "can’t sleep, can’t eat" feelings so hard to the point that she only feels it for you… and no one else. If you’ve ever suffered from the crippling pain of loneliness, have felt that irritating frustration of being ignored and flaked on by women, and are sick and tired of being confused about how women act, then you’ve come to the right place, because after going through this page, you’ll know more about women than 99% of men on planet Earth. Why? Because this is the ONLY source guys can turn to to get real insight into how a woman’s mind works. Here, you’ll learn to decipher a woman’s language to know what she really wants, how to read her body language so you know when she’s attracted to you, and what to do and say around women to get them eager and willing to do whatever *naughty* little things you want. See, I want you to realize something… and that is that most advice you see out in the market these days which are created for men, by men, fail to realize one thing…

Bottom line is this: I know how females work, what they want and why they do the things they do. I understand the difference between what women say they want from men and what they truly RESPOND to EVERY SINGLE TIME. And mind you, I’m not a woman who just spits out the usual female advice. Nope. I tell that truth. Truth that most women themselves don’t even know and if they did know, they would never say out loud for fear of the unwanted, negative, (bi#chy) labels she may receive. You see… women are a proud lot. As we grow up, we are constantly being told to be sweet, kind and cautious of others feelings. We are also told to not say things that hurt others feelings… especially a guy’s feelings. Which is why you are constantly confused by women because we say one thing and then do another, yes? 🙂 I know the same has held true for me many times in my life… I’d meet a guy, he’d totally be the sweetest, funniest, nicest guy; saying and doing all the right things that would "naturally" make any girl melt and putty in his hands…its like deep down, I’d really want to like him, but then somehow, I just cannot feel it. Sure, it’s fun in the beginning while things are still new… but after a while, if he doesn’t know what he’s doing, how to trigger my sweet spots, etc, etc… things just get boring… and I’ll quickly lose interest. I mean, any woman will lose interest. Duh. On the other hand… if a guy… no wait… if YOU… if you can just hit it right where women feel it the most; if you can make a woman feel like the sexiest, sweetest thing on earth, if you can know how to stir up a woman’s emotions, bring them back and forth and understand her better than she understands herself… Oh dear Lord…

You see, we girls are all about FEELING and TIMING. A lot of guys don’t realize that this combination has to be right in order for us to FEEL that it’s right… it makes up a HUGE part of us! As a woman, I’d be the first to admit how messed up it can be… what goes in our minds. Our actions are driven by soooo many different forces… female competition, insecurity, quest to be the IDEAL, etc, etc. There’s so much going on up in our minds, sometimes it’s near impossible to even "keep track" of things … And that’s exactly where I come in! I help break down all the craziness in a way that every man can understand. Once you understand, you can use your new found knowledge to get any woman you want 🙂 Put another way… women know exactly how a woman’s mind works… how our hearts work… we understand feelings, we understand romancing and we certainly understand exactly how to be romanced in a way that drives us CRAZY! But when it comes to men… I’ll be totally honest and upfront with you – while many guys "talk" a big game…

Ask any girl and she will tell you the same thing! This can be really frustrating for us girls. Can you imagine how it makes us feel to meet a guy who we thought off as having "potential" to be our man, only to find out 5 minutes into the conversation that he has absolutely no idea what we want, how to turn us on and how to "sparkle" our eyes and hearts??!! **Faints** ….and the worst part… Read more…

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