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Seduce Wife – How He Triggers Sexual Arousal In Women

Seduce Wife - How He Triggers Sexual Arousal In WomenCLICK IMAGE TO VISIT SITEAs a matter of fact, my wife use to tell me, "I’m sorry Baby…I’m not in the mood…. but maybe if you were a bit more romantic, then maybe I would want it more…. blah blah blah".

On some level, it successfully made her feel loved, so I’m not complaining. However, making a woman feel loved is not the same as "getting her to want sex".

You see, if you didn’t know how to drive a car, showing the car love is not the same as learning how to make it go from Point A to Point B.

Those "acts of love" are not reasonable ways for learning how to drive the car. If you want to go from Point A to Point B, you need to understand how the car operates. And the same rules apply to women.

Reason #1: There are lot of guys from all of the world (in 6 continents) that have secretly learned my system. I have posted over 134 pages of (REAL) case studies from people using my system.

That includes: Therapists, athletes, actors, relationship experts, CEOs, business owners, engineers, other professionals, seduction gurus, students, guys in the age range of 18 – 85, guys in relationships, single guys.

Reason #2: I actually did things to get more sex in my relationship. Technically, this shouldn’t be a big deal. But it is seems like we live in a world where experts are teaching people things they haven’t done. If you’re like me, then you don’t like experts who brag about being in business for 20 years but yet they’re not good at what they do. Personally, I prefer learning from someone who did "what they’re teaching". Someone who could say: "My wife used to turn me down a lot ==> I did XYZ ==> Now she wants sex more often!"

In my case, my wife actually had a super low libido. I actually know the "feeling" of constantly getting rejected.

One day it just dawned me. I thought to myself: "Umm Ok. It’s obvious that I’m the only one who wants sex." Here’s the deal… If we did have sex, it was like I had to beg her (most of the time). And often, she was barely into it. To me, that doesn’t count as having sex! (You see we [men] have feelings, too. We want to feel desired and wanted. We want the woman to be ‘horny’ and ask us for sex every now and then.)

At some point, I searched online and I kept reading nonsense like: "…if you clean the house your lady will get turned on."

The answer is "No". But here’s what would happen… More than likely you would have more blood flowing in your penis as you told her: "No thanks. Sorry. I’m not in the mood." You see – The pill wouldn’t MAGICALLY change your perception of her.

It wasn’t like she took a libido pill that day. It wasn’t like I had a better body that day. It wasn’t like I had cleaned the house from top to bottom.

Everything happened because of a few things I said that got her thinking a "Certain Way". Isn’t it crazy how you can say certain words and then suddenly your lady ends up having a certain emotional response.

Shhhhh… Don’t tell anyone. 🙂 Let me put it very clearly… When a woman isn’t turned on, she WILL say stuff like:

"Sex isn’t a big deal to me." "I don’t need sex that much." "Sex isn’t that important." Does that sound familiar? Ask me how I know.

BUT… When she’s turned on, she’s living by different rules! It’s like she’s a different person.

BTW…. when I created this "Secret Diary" (back in 2002-ish), I was basically writing down notes during times when my wife got extra turned on. I was looking for "patterns". You might be wondering:

In other words, some sex experts will brag about how many books they sold or how they’ve been a professional counselor for 20 years blah blah blah…. But they rarely talk about people they’ve actually helped. It’s mind boggling when you think about it. All you really want….is to read stories from REAL people saying: "I did XYZ. It actually worked!" OR

"I did what you said and she got turned on!" To me, there are only two types of advice. Type-1 Advice: It doesn’t work. It wastes your time. It could make things worse. Type-2 Advice: It’s useful. It could change your life. It forces you to do things differently. I have set up a blog where I share free tips, articles, blog posts and free ebooks.

I also run a free newsletter for guys in relationships where I share little-known psychological tips for having success with women. In addition to that, you can click here to read a few (100% REAL) emails from people who used my system

Lots of guys have emailed me telling me that their wives (or girlfriends) have low libidos. And then once they explain their "method" of getting her turned on, they’re not really doing anything!! They’re just saying, "Do you want to make have sex?" (or something like that) Any guy will get better results if he triggers sexual desire (first) ==> And THEN he should ask for sex.

For example, if a woman screamed "airplane", you’re not going to get an erection. That’s something that will never work on you in a million years.

When you were 14 years old, a girl could lift up her shirt and you would get an erection. As you got older, the whole "showing the breasts" thing became an "expired trigger". In other words, you still enjoy seeing breasts, but you have "adapted" and "evolved" and now you need a different trigger to get FULLY turned on. Some guys are still using the same tactics they used on girls in high school. The reality: Men adapt. Women adapt. The reality: You need to do "evolved" methods for… Read more…

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