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Master Code SystemCLICK IMAGE TO VISIT SITE“If you’re single, I hope to inspire you. And if you’re skeptical that a proper match for you is even out there—all the better. I didn’t actually believe there was a man alive who could embody all the traits I was seeking.

I had a LONG list of requirements for Mr. Right. But after putting my intentions out there using the master code system, I met him after just 24 days. All this stuff definitely works, but it really hinges on you feeling good first. Your state of being is most important, so learn how to use your Emotional Guidance System and you’ll succeed .”

“Thank you so much for helping me clear my blocks to money and abundance. I’ve transitioned from not believing I could make $5000 a month to confidentially asking for $8000. I no longer have money problems.

I’m calmer and happier generally and that is a great blessing…. It’s been a very powerful gift – thank you for sharing it with us.”

" One of the most difficult things for students and clients to learn from their teachers is how to take a concept and make it stick. It’s one thing to understand it at the time it’s explained – but another thing entirely to absorb it thoroughly enough to recall it once day to day life sets in.

The brilliance behind the concepts taught in The Master Code System, is that Tiffany has intuitively crafted a method of immediate recall for readers to put into action and get massive results. Just incredible!

The Master Code System is an extremely comprehensive means to manifesting that anyone can quickly and easily adopt and the results will be sustained over the long term. Great work! "

This may be a long one but here it goes. So…it was a Monday. And I felt like crap. Not physically, but mentally and spiritually. So I decided to take a mental health day and not go to work. I tend to feel guilty about not going to work unless I deem the reason "worth it".

So I was on my laptop looking for ways to get my out of my funk (which has been hovering over me for several weeks). I was looking for therapist, support groups, books….anything that was going to make me feel better about me. I have a husband and two kids and like many other women I developed the bad habit of putting me LAST. For some reason, something sparked in me this day and I was going to put myself FIRST.

After a few hours of research and even a consultation with a therapist, I was already beginning to feel better. Then I remembered that I had purchased your program a few weeks ago. I had forgotten to go through it back then. I figured, hey I’m home from work, I can lay here and read it now.

I went through the entire program and was inspired and motivated once again for change. The codes were pretty easy to use. I figured, if all I have to do is think about the good things I want, desire and need, just trying it couldn’t hurt any. If it doesn’t work -no harm, no foul. If it does work – GLORY! At the very least, I figured it will help me to focus more on positive thoughts than negative ones.

That very day I made a list telling the universe all the things I want. Also telling the universe that I believe these things are already mine. I realized right away that the key power of the Master Code System is in the belief. And believing in it a certain way. One of the things I asked for was to receive unexpected money within 30 days. I had a dollar amount of $20,000 attached to that request. In the back of my mind I’m thinking, "YEA RIGHT!" But because I was making a conscious decision to try this code thing out, I told myself…it will happen.

And the day moved on. I felt better than I did that morning when I didn’t go to work, so I was already grateful. My husband came home from work I told him what I did all day, including tapping back into master code system. He was happy to see my spirits lifted. Then we went to go pick up the kids together. While we’re in the car he gets a call from this guy who lives in the house my mother use to own. (This guy and my husband are childhood friends and the fact that he and his family now lives in the house I grew up in is pure coincidence…or not.

The guy says to my husband, "You might want to come by. There seems to be a check here for you."

Me and my husband were both dumbfounded. A check? No one owes us money. Sure enough, A check was there. In the amount of $2993.20.

I could have passed out right then and there. Seriously. I JUST made my list. I had just started on my experiment. And I got slapped in the face with a check immediately.

I pulled my phone out and showed my husband the list I made and he almost passed out too. It was such a great, rewarding feeling. I know it’s not the $20,000 I asked for, but I was still overjoyed and grateful and it is a day that has changed my life and my thinking forever.

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