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Maria – Welcome to Credit Score Secrets!

Maria - Welcome to Credit Score Secrets!CLICK IMAGE TO VISIT SITEAre YOU just sick and tired of Bad Credit… Missed Payments and County Court Judgements (CCJ’s)? FED UP of being embarrassed when applying for Credit Cards, Loans or Mortgages in the UK, only to be told NO…If so, what I’m about to reveal to you has the power to STOP all of this pain, distress and unnecessary torment once and for all!

You see, I’ve spent the past 7 years, developing this book to help people just like YOU to skyrocket their Credit Scores right up to the Moon!

First of all… I guess you could be asking… WHO am I, and WHY should You listen to me? Well, My name is Maria Forte, and for the past 20 years, I’ve worked within the Financial Industry in the City of London, UK, and during that time I amassed such a wealth of knowledge and experience about the credit world… it will SHOCK you!

It is perfectly legal for ANY credit agency to write about YOU without YOUR knowledge and even consent….!

Also… that what they say can drastically impact what kind of loans and credit cards you are able to get, and even IF you are able to get credit AT ALL!

During these tough economic times, it’s difficult enough for you to get taken seriously… let alone get approved for credit… but NOT anymore!

Regardless of your current credit situation, I CAN show you how to SMASH your way out of Debt, do Credit Repair, fill your wallet full of Credit Cards and Fix your Credit Score so high, even YOU would be AMAZED!!

I can put money in your pocket and Fix your Credit Score so it’s up so high that you can grab ALL the opportunities that come knocking on your door, every single time!!!

While you’re sitting there reading this message, you begin to understand why you can’t afford to waste any more time getting less than everything that life has to offer…

Let me help you build your credit RAPIDLY so you never have to hear the word ‘DECLINED’ Again! The speed will flabbergast you!

Own your own home – Learn the secrets to getting a mortgage easily

Get a commercial loan – Get excited about that business venture you’ve always wanted to get off the ground

Re-finance your home – Imagine no more sweating waiting for an answer from the mortgage company!

Get Credit Cards so easily.. that the choice is all yours!

Anything above 920 in the UK is considered a “good credit score” and, therefore, a minimal credit risk to the lender.

A good credit score, means that you don’t have to worry about the mortgage or credit card companies rejecting you for credit, but the reality for most is that they will FAIL at getting credit the next time they apply!

BUT… if you have the ‘inside-scoop’…you can very easily eliminate yourself from becoming ‘just another victim’ and even have the banks eating out of YOUR hand!

Listen, because of the new emerging economy, a NEW credit world is taking shape! Other factors are becoming increasingly important in determining your credit worthiness, and frankly speaking – if you want to put the ‘brakes’ on banks and credit companies ‘throwing dirt’ at your credit report

In my book, “Amazing Credit Score Secrets Revealed”, you will discover those factors that Fix Credit and how to maximize them to YOUR benefit… NOT the banks!

I will show you 100% LEGAL ways to restore and maintain a super clean Credit Score, Fix your Credit and get an excellent credit report because the secrets I will reveal to you are extremely powerful… completely foolproof and super easy to put in to practice!

There’s no special trickery involved in my book! But, since Credit Reporting Agencies don’t want you to have this valuable credit repair information, they attempt to make the process difficult.

The Consumer Credit Act of 1974 gives the credit consumer a legal process by which to proceed if he/she feels as if their rights have been or are being violated! “Amazing Credit Score Secrets Revealed!” makes the process to Fix Credit easy, by making sure that you follow the letter of the law and PROTECTING YOURSELF from the credit vultures that surround your life!

Credit reporting agencies will tell you ANYTHING. After all, why should they care? Simply put, YOU are NOT their client!

TRUTH: Credit Repair is real! It WILL work, it DOES work and it CAN work FOR YOU!

MYTH #2: You can’t remove negative items from your credit, so don’t even TRY!

TRUTH: Bankruptcies, late payments, CCJs – ANYTHING CAN BE removed! If the entry can’t be validated, it MUST be removed!

TRUTH: There’s no such thing as a Black List for individuals with bad credit! This is just another method used by Credit Agencies to scare YOU!

Suppose YOU followed my step-by-step approach revealed in the guidebook, “Amazing Credit Score Secrets Revealed” and raised YOUR credit score to just 720??

On average, YOU could possibly save, £431 per month — £5,172 per year — on house payments, car payments, credit cards, AND MORE!

And if your score is lower than 677, just by following the easy-to-understand guidelines in "Amazing Credit Score Secrets Revealed" your savings could be substantially MORE!

The easiest methods to use that will save you HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF POUNDS IN INTEREST PAYMENTS

How to obtain FREE CREDIT REPORTS, the kind that banks and lenders use to make all of their lending decisions

The five ESSENTIAL forms you MUST use in order to dispute ANY credit question or discrepancy! One being the N244 Notice

I guarantee that you will be absolutely blown away by the secrets in my “Amazing Credit Score Secrets Revealed” that I will back it fully with my ‘no quibble – no questions’ 60-day money back guarantee!

Take a copy at MY RISK and evaluate it for the… Read more…

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