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DeadlySeduction™: How To Seduce Out Of Your League by Derek Rake

DeadlySeduction™: How To Seduce Out Of Your League by Derek RakeCLICK IMAGE TO VISIT SITE…The Secret Formula Of How To Naturally Get Any Woman To Develop Romantic And Wild Sexual Attraction To Any Man…

"Experience The First Real Breakthrough In Seduction Technology In The Last 5 ½ Years… Arm Yourself With Brutally Deadly Seduction Tactics That Will Completely Annihilate All Your Obstacles With Women… And Leave Other Men In The Dust!"

If you don’t, then here’s the answer: what gave me the advantage over Wayne was that I was aware of the Three Deadly Lies of Dating… and I had avoided making these common mistakes like a plague. Read on to find out what they are.

This is a subtle lie, but a deadly one. It might sound somewhat like a paradox to you, but here’s what most guys miss… The more SELECTIVE you are, then the more CHOICES you will have when it comes to women. In fact, the more women you REJECT, the more women will FLOCK to you. Listen to me here… if there’s only ONE thing you take away from reading this letter then it’s this – If you select women based on your OWN standards, it makes you far more attractive than guys who settle for sub-par women just to get some… Why is this so? Well, the answer is simple… guys who “chase” women are always so nice and eager to please that they drive women away. That was what happened to Wayne… he thought that the more he tried to please the women (by buying them expensive champagne and showering them with compliments), the bigger the chances of him getting laid. My approach was different: I used a simple trick that automatically triggers attraction inside any woman I meet… and then I compel her to chase me instead. Later, I’m going to show you a step-by-step method on how I do this… And you won’t see this method elsewhere because I’m the only one teaching it. Keep reading!

"Definitely eye-opening and mindboggling at the same time. I have not seen the ‘covert’ strategy of “Master Salesman Formulae” anywhere else, and I have used it many times now to deadly effect. Powerful, simply powerful.

"This book is simply superb, and I also appreciate the fact that you take the time to give me some coaching over email. Thanks!"

"I have read all kinds of books on the subject of dating and seduction, and I thought I have seen it all. But unlike the others, very simply, your materials deliver right from day one."

Here’s A Sneak Peek Into The Secrets That You’ll Learn Inside The DeadlySeduction™ System…

The secret key to skyrocketing your value in the eyes of any woman – this trick works irrespective of your looks, wealth or social status (Page 12)

The #1 reason why men fail with women – and how men unknowingly make this mistake which sabotages any chance they have with women. Are you making the same mistake? (Page 19)

How an age-old persuasion and marketing technique can be used to generate massive attraction to you within three minutes flat. Now you don’t have to wait days, weeks or months to get anywhere with any woman (Page 25)

The biggest key to understanding women… this answers the question of “What Women Want” once and for all (Page 9)

A simple (but absolutely essential) exercise that makes it super easy to identify and target the women that you really want (Pages 30-31)

Surefire methods and strategies to keep out from the dreaded “friend” zone… by exploiting the little-known (but deadly effective) technique called the “Attraction Factor” (Page 55)

How to apply The Reversal Principle – the secret on how to ‘reverse’ the game to make her chase YOU instead! (Page 29)

How you can use a simple but often misunderstood (and regularly misused!) hypnosis trick to build your confidence and amplify your irresistibility to women (Page 14)

The best-kept secret on how to make a woman go crazy over you… by using the patented S_______ Principle (Page 5)

The little-known “Categorization” technique – how to stand out from the other guys and make her think about you all the time (Page 44)

The legendary A.I.D.A. formula used in advertising and marketing circles – how you can exploit it “bend” a woman to your will

How to build your inner game and develop massive self-confidence …so that you can approach women anytime, anywhere you want with ZERO fear (Page 7)

Going for the kiss – all the essentials you will need to know to nail the most important moment in your relationship (Page 46)

How to wield POWER over any woman… never be CONTROLLED by any woman emotionally ever again (Page 15)

Why ‘bad boys’ get all the women they want, and leave the nice guys behind. Find out how you can use what bad boys know to seduce women out of your league. (Page 9)

Where to meet lots of eager women – you will NOT have heard this anywhere else, and what you read here WILL surprise you (Page 21)

How to create interest and intrigue in your target, and make her fixated to you and hang on to every word you say (Page 26)

The “Rejection Proof Formula” – a new approach mindset that will make you bulletproof against rejections and let-downs (Page 14)

… and more unique techniques and not-seen-elsewhere strategies which will turbocharge your seduction skills to the next level – guaranteed.

"So I’m just calling in to say thanks. And yeah, you can use this video as a testimonial, and your readers can email me if they have questions about my experience with your program. Thanks again, Derek, I owe you one."

With DeadlySeduction™, you will have the power to turn any woman into your emotional “slave”…

… and so it’s important that you AGREE that you won’t misuse this knowledge. If you have the intention of harming women, or “getting one back” at… Read more…

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