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ConsciousCreatorsPublishing – Journey of Persephone 5 Weeks Program for Women

ConsciousCreatorsPublishing - Journey of Persephone 5 Weeks Program for WomenCLICK IMAGE TO VISIT SITEWouldn’t life be great if we could be liberated and regain the power of the Wise Women living within us?

Wouldn’t it be great if we were to start in secret ancient rituals and happily welcome the birth of miracles?

I moved to a quiet village in Hungary where I created a farm, got closer to nature, and returned to my Goddess.

I remember the sun having just emerged. The brilliant orange light flooded the room. I looked around

I was looking for happiness. The miracle of life, the fire of passion, the treasures of my femininity.

I was looking for the spell. Because all this was lost in a despicable picture of a humiliating event when I controlled it.

if I had any of my memories, negative experiences, if I struggled with everyday life, lack of confidence, money, humiliation and shame, how many women around the world also thought like this?

How many women wake up with the idea that they do not know what they are looking for and how many women want (even secretly) a marvellous fulfilled life?

How do they affect our lives? How can we integrate our energies into our dreams of manifestation, passion, and fulfillment of our vision?

The law of attraction, the purifying terms of Ho’oponopono, how does the relationship with the Goddess and nature help them get into the light?

If you look among your friends and acquaintances, how many women can you say that has a liberated, joyful, and "awakened" life?

I remember. I was tired and smashed. The circumstances, my husband’s illness, the wounds of my past that swirled in my soul were paralyzing.

She goes to it and bows down, the ground suddenly opens, and Hades kidnaps her onto a carriage of a black horse.

Although she had eaten from the pomegranate, Hades linked her to the Underworld, but the carriage pulled by the white horses takes her to Earth through the open ground.

In the time spent as Hades’s wife, she was still a wise healing woman whom the mortal defeated in the Underworld with advice.

My heart desired that I become a writer. Maybe I’d publish a book and have a magazine. But in my mind they were the thoughts which I made into the following beliefs over the years:

I learned. I read. I meditated. I got messages and signals. I understood the reasons behind my abductions.

Persephone and goddess Demeter in my Akasha sanctuary gave me methods that support me in spiritual development and changes in life. They support me in finding myself as a woman, the goddess who lives in me and merges with me on a sacred journey.

I have compiled the Persephone’s Journey basic course to help my dear sister transform her shadows.

If you would like to participate in this awakening trip, purchase the Journey of Persephone eBook for $10 and get the following materials as BONUS:

The basic course of Persephone’s Journey is available so if you have shadows that hold you back from having a great life, I will share the awakening journey with you.

As you read the book, do the meditations, and use the workbook, your life will change more and more.

The shadows will be transformed and you will relax in the fertile areas of Persephone and join the blessed energies.

As you advance in the course, you’ll experience more and more wonders, regain your personal strength, and return to the Goddess’s source. Read more…

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